We are here to promote the elite savvy business owners and professionals who make up the Tradebank network in Omaha. Our intent is to drive NEW customers directly to their doors by providing coupon incentives and loyal repeat business.

We represent companies we feel are some of the most reputable and respected companies in their fields.

Let us show you how we have helped these business owners and professionals increase their customer base.

What is Trade/Barter?

Trade \trâd\

vb 1: buy and sell goods and services. 2: exchange (something) for something else, typically as a commercial transaction.

n 1: the action of buying and selling goods and services.

Barter \bar·ter\

vb 1:exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using cash.

n 1: the action or system of exchanging goods or services without using cash.

Why Use Tradebank?

Historically, having two companies who swapped products and services of equal value was the only way to experience the benefits of trade. Times have changed. At Tradebank, we provide a revolutionary trade tool for businesses everywhere. No longer do companies have to search for direct trade relationships. With Tradebank Cashless Commerce businesses can benefit from our extensive global network where products and services are traded 24/7. Now all companies, large and small, can leverage the power and simplicity of trade.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to purchase exactly what you are looking for by simply trading your goods or services? At Tradebank, our clients have the flexibility to use their “trade credits” earned to purchase what they want or need from thousands of businesses within the worldwide Tradebank network (The “trade credit”, or trade dollar, is equal to one cash dollar in the country where it is earned.)

Sounds easy, right? Well it is! Tradebank Cashless Commerce™ provides a platform where trades come together for our clients, much like a clearinghouse does for stocks, or a commercial bank does for checks. Just like any brokerage firm, Tradebank receives a commission on each transaction. Our service includes sending you new business on a continuing basis, facilitating your purchase requests, and automating the bookkeeping for each trade transaction. Plus, all transactions are credited immediately, so there are no receivables, collection efforts, or bad debts involved.

Who Benefits?

Companies of all sizes and in every business category are discovering the advantages of using trade to improve cash flow and reduce excess inventory. Trading is an effective management tool that goes straight to the bottom line and makes excellent financial sense for every business.

By trading, a company is able to:

  • Increase sales by obtaining new customers
  • Reduce cash outlay – buy products and services with Tradebank dollars while leaving cash in the business
  • Enjoy discounts on trade purchases (If profit margin = 50%, then discount = 50%)
  • Convert excess inventory or unused capacity into tangible assets

The goal of business today is to keep as much cash in the bank as possible not in the hands of vendors. Cash flow shrinks or expands from year to year, depending on two things: gross sales generated and monitoring of expenses.

By treating Tradebank as an alternate expense account, companies use the 7-15% extra business to pay for existing expenses, not their cost of goods sold. By paying trade dollars for these expenses the company cash remains in the bank – unspent improving both cash flow and profitability!

Gain an Advantage for your Business

Use trade clients to leverage the back-end value of that new relationship into new cash clients and orders.

Referrals are another obvious advantage that each new Tradebank client brings to your business. Each satisfied trade client generates typically 1-2½ referrals, depending on the nature of the business. Each one of these satisfied customers brings more cash referrals. Remember you are dealing with other business owners. Asking a satisfied trade client for referrals, in many ways, is easier than asking a cash client for referrals because a trade transaction is almost always perceived as a great deal, and you are dealing with another business owner that has many contacts.

Use trade clients to leverage the back-end value of that new relationship into new cash clients and orders. Consistently ask all new orders from Tradebank clients for referrals when you do business with them, assuming that they are happy with your product or service. Send them a survey asking what they thought about your product or service and look to use this as a tool to get referrals.

Here’s what our trading partners are saying:

“Your expertise and professionalism are unparalleled and your ability to “think outside the box” has been instrumental in solving the myriad of problems associated with rental properties. Although we were skeptical of the benefits of trading when we first came onboard, you have proven the viability of the concept. We have realized considerable cash savings as a result of bartering.”
—Rich Wilkinson, President of Monument Properties

“Having Tradebank has helped us hold on to our cash monies. It’s a win-win!”
—Claude’s Beautorium

“I’d definitely recommend Tradebank to anyone looking for new business.”
—Dave Hodges, owner of D & H Services

“I would absolutely recommend Tradebank for any business interested in keeping their expenses down.”
—Eric Dougherty, owner of Irish Clean