Tradebank of Omaha Jeffrey & Stacie Sprowls are the new Regional Owners of Tradebank of Omaha, a network of business owners and professionals that barter their products and services to conserve cash. The Sprowls family has over twenty five years of owning businesses and twelve years of experience in the barter industry, both as a client and account manager.

Stacie (Chesler) Sprowls, Managing Partner of Tradebank of Omaha, is also enthusiastic about sharing the concept of barter with local merchants.  Stacie brings a wealth of knowledge to Tradebank as she has six years of experience in the barter industry managing over two million in trade transactions annually.  Recalling why she got involved in the barter industry, Stacie states, “I am passionate about barter.  I look forward to working with local businesses to increase their profitability and enhance their personal lifestyle.”